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I'm a 34 year old gal from Odense.

I love to talk (and I do it alot), so you have probably heard of me in the chat or the discussion *smile*

I started out with D-A-D, when I was younger, running around dancing to "sleeping", but it wasn't untill 1998, I became what some might call a fan...

My concerts:
21.02.98 Odense Idrætshal
10.07.98 Odense Grøn Koncert
10.11.00 Odense Idrætshal
08.03.02 Odense Idrætshal
23.03.02 Copenhagen Forum
02.08.02 Haderslev Damparken
03.08.02 Esbjerg Gryden
09.08.02 Odense Wig Wam
12.12.02 Esbjerg Tobakken ---Soulbenders
30.05.03 Horsens Open Air
05.07.03 Ringe, The Midtfyns Festival
26.05.05 Odense, Rytmeposten
08.10.05 Odense Idrætshal
03.11.06 Copenhagen, KB-Hallen
13.05.06 Odense Open Air
19.05.07 Odense Open Air

*met the guys at most of the concerts and on other events;)