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Hi there
My name is Anders

I've been a fan since I first heart Simpatico in the summer of that would make my fancarrier more than 20 years old.

I love to meet new fans and go for at nice chat before and after concerts, so if you would like to meet up at a concert with me and probably some more netpets then give me a note and I'm sure we can figure something out. Age, sex and political stands don't meen much to me as long as you are a reasonable, nice and funny person...In the netpet community I have contact with people in all agegroups all over the country (tarm, esbjerg, horsens, århus, odense, aalborg just to pick a few)and if you think you can fit in to that group then again let me know you exist

Places you might find me: A bar near the concerts areas, first row taking pictures and rocking out, the webshop talking to Marie and other netpets, sneeking around the backstage area and anywere else were the fun and party is :D

Anders Ulrik Sørensen