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Posted: Mon, 2016-08-08 20:47

Dear fellow NetPets,

Here's a list of the D-A-D CD-singles I'm selling. The prices are in Danish Kroner.
They are sold seperately, but if you to buy more of them, feel free to make a bid, and I will consider it.
Most of CD's are in very nice condition and almost as new. If not, they have been marked with a star*, which means, that the CD itself has some scratches, but that it has been tested and still plays without any problems.

Find a picture of the CD's here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/07z8kpbwz8fiai0/IMG_0041.JPG?dl=0

I Won't Cut My Hair LIVE* - 150 kr.
It's After Dark* - 125 kr.
Jacketless in December - Merry x-mas edit - 125 kr.
Sleeping My Day Away (US, Warner Brothers promo-CD) - 150 kr.
Grow Or Pay (tysk) - 125 kr.
Soft Dogs - 150 kr.
ReconstrucDEAD* - 100 kr.
Home Alone - 100 kr.
Everything Glows - 75 kr.
Nineteenhundredandyesterday* - 75 kr.
Helpyourselfish - 125 kr.
Bad Craziness - 100 kr.
Empty Heads - 75 kr.
Scare Yourself - 75 kr.

I try to check the D-A-D website at least once a week, but if you want a faster reply, you should e-mail me here: [email protected]

I will ship the CD's almost anywhere, as long as you pay the shipping costs.
I live in Aalborg (Denmark), so if you're ever near that, you can also collect them here.

I hope some of you will give these nice CD's a new home Smiley

Overmuch greetings,
Rasmus 'TheEvilTwin'