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Posted: Sun, 2012-03-18 14:00

Please contribute to the Wiki-D and help us tell the vivid story of D-A-D. Test your knowledge in this threaded discussion with other fans, and our editor will put the pieces together and reward the best contributions with gifts from the Web Shop.

So don't hold back - if you have a story to tell, this is the place to do it!

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My english isn't the best but I like to give it a chance Smiley
Please correct me if any of the facts are wrong.

In 2011 the band went back to studio for their 11th album.
They also played a lot of live shows, so this time the formation of the
songs has been different.
Half of the week in the studio, the other half at festivals etc.
The album has been recorded in Sudio23 Frankfurt/Main (with Micha Mainx) and in
Grapehouse Studio Copenhagen (with Rune Nissen Petersen).
Producer has been Nick Foss due to the good experiences they made in the past.
Release date of DIC.NII.LAN.DAFT.ERD.ARK has been November 11th for Germany, and November the 14th for Denmark.
The album has been released in two versions, in Scandinavia as a
Jewel Case with a poster of the black flag as an extra.
In Germany the album came in Stores as DigiPack, at EMP with a T-Shirt as extra
and at AMAZON with a signed Poster.
In Denmark they entered the Charts at place 2.
October the 1st Tourdates for the upcoming “Fast on wheels”-Tour have been published.
The first Single was “I want what she’s got” and has been released at October the 4th.
They made a Video for it with Stevan Treshow as Director.
A new website layout has been announced for February 1st 2012.

Kind regards, Steffi

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In November 2010, February and May 2011 D-A-D worked a couple of weeks at the Studio23 in Frankfurt (Germany) with the german Producer Michael Mainx on their 11th studio album. In this period the famous "D-A-D Leak" of Torleif Hoppe existed. The Band played a lot of festivals during the summer in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, France and Faroe Islands. If they didn't play a gig in this time, they went to the Grapehouse Studio in Copenhagen for album producing with Rune Nissen Petersen and the famous Nick Foss.
The 11th studio album of D-A-D were released at 11th November 2011 in Germany and three days later in Scandinavia. D-A-D entered #97 at the german media control charts. The last chart position was a long time ago with "helpyourselfish" in Germany. In Denmark the 11th studio album entered #2.

As a nice gift for the fans, the band decided to play a small release gig at 12th november at Stengade 30 in Copenhagen.

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Will it be out on vinyl ?

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It already is.

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nothing more to tell about the D-A-D history?
How sad : - P
But maybe now this topic will be remembered and it will keep on going Smiley

Kind regards, Steffi

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I'm not quite sure, what kind of (hi)story you are after, but I remember when I first saw the 'hidden-camera-video' of The End I thought: WOW - they did take a different way at the crossroads! My expectations were fullfilled when the album came out and I wondered if this was follow-up to Helpyourselfish. - Anyway it is a fantastic album, Jesper's voice is so great - and Cobber, you are SO goodlooking as woman! Be careful with that costume ;) - Love you Drags After Dark!

Greetings from middle of DARK Jutland

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During a gig in Stuttgart in december 2010, the band tried out one of the new songs for the first time; "The last time in neverland" - prior to this, they swore they wouldn't do this for the gigs leading up to the release of the album...

When the album was released, there was a very positive vibe among critics, both in Denmark and in the rest of Europe. The result of this was their first position on the german charts since Helpyourselfish! There european tour was also one of the most succesful in recent years, filling many clubs to capacity crowd, even in territories they haven't visited for many years such as United Kingdom, Hungary and Czech Republic.

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I have nothing to add here to the site, as I have never met the band nor seen them live (hopefully I will someday). Thank you to those who have contributed their stories. I enjoy reading them all! Smiley-midget

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...I bought "Draws a circle" in 1987 after watching "four heart-werckin' Guys" twice at Grøn koncert (back then I was 13 years old and the concerts were free)... A three years older friend of mine who I looked up to introduced me to beers, Grøn koncert -and DAD and I was SOLD!!! I just fell in love with their behavior on stage. Their energy! Their passion! Their honesty, their...EVERYTHING! They are so human!
Ever since I have bought every single DAD album and I love them all. I have no favorite album -it all depends on mood. I love to sing and play DAD songs. Unfortunately all my CDs were stolen but by now I have build up almost the Collection Again.
...Today I'm 39 and married to a wonderful man -Fortunately he like's DAD too!!! But I am still in love with DAD and looking back I can only say, that DAD have had so much impact on my life. If DAD had not been a reality, I guess my life has been so much more poor!!! Thank you Guys!

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hi, DAD the best bend ever, im from portugal i've been in 2 concerts here i discover DAD with the the no fuel left for pelegrins, PORTUGAL LOVES DAD, WE ARE WAITING FOR YOUR RETURN