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Posted: Thu, 2009-11-19 09:53

I know this question should be asked to "True Life", but since I take he is busy as hell the next couple of days, I thought I would ask you guys for some help.

After seeing the Go' Morn' show yesterday with the "old" T-shirts, I thought it would be kick ass to see a full list of the different Mollys used through the years.

I know that some of them are in the new box set (the stickers), but I would love to see them in FULL COLOR and HIGH QUALITY - the way they were ment to be enjoyed.

I mean, come on...that way fans can get even better tattoos of Molly as well Smiley-wink

My fav Molly?
1) HelpYourSelFish
2) D:A:D Indians
3) Everything Glows

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Posted: Thu, 2009-11-19 10:52

Really great idea, WIW! Would love a list of all the Molly's in colour and everything!

My fav.
1. DAD indians
3. Everything Glows

"Wild sisters dancing all night Round that totem..."

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Posted: Thu, 2009-12-03 14:26

No one else?

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Posted: Thu, 2009-12-03 15:05

offcouse !

show os what you got Torleif...

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Posted: Thu, 2009-12-03 16:07


Could you make a new subfolder in the archive with Molly through the years? Both drawn versions and Live version and perhaps unofficial ones made by fans..?

Then ppl. could send in the best pics of dif. versions along with descriptions of 'year of birth', and taken from album/single or live tour.

Such an idea was worked on at some old fansite called Bad Crazinet..

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Posted: Thu, 2009-12-03 17:38


I think that is a very good idea!

As soon as I get the first picture (with description) I will make a Molly subfolder in the Archive.



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Posted: Thu, 2009-12-03 18:46

The Wig Wam Molly is my favourite :


Haha Molly though 25 years Smiley-midget-laugh what a great idea!

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Posted: Thu, 2009-12-03 22:30

New thought:

Let's leave the home made Molly pictures for the Fan Creations section and only put official ones in the new archive subfolder. I think that would be the best way to handle the cows.


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Posted: Thu, 2009-12-03 23:05

Yeah, Im full of good ideas Smiley

There are so many diff Mollys.. Ive been trying to collect them all over the past weeks (also tried a few years ago), but with no luck getting them in High Quality.

As I have the left calv tattooed with the HelpYourSelFish fish, I thought I would put as many Mollys on there as I could. Just make a full DAD calv, front, back and sides Smiley

Call me crazy, but I like the idea...

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Posted: Thu, 2009-12-03 23:39

sounds like a great idea WIW

my favorit Molly┬┤s are

1 helpyourselfish
2 DAD Indians
3 Riskin It All

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Posted: Fri, 2009-12-04 00:26

The first Molly, the Overmuch one, is now in the new stable in the Archive: http://dad.dk/dad/archive/46/

There are also some new Molly desktops here: http://dad.dk/meetngreet/creations/

If you have more, please send them to me!


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Posted: Fri, 2009-12-04 10:24

if anyone wants Molly from the Overmuch Box in vector, just send me a mail af n.levin.c[a]gmail.com. The file is a .EPS


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Posted: Fri, 2009-12-04 11:41

It Could be nice if we could see all of them in real life and maybe a little tuch Smiley-midget heheh!

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Posted: Fri, 2009-12-04 11:42

And - maybe torleif could talk about he's idears about Molly and thinks like that - it could cost 150dkr or something to visit the night.

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Posted: Fri, 2009-12-04 15:44

my altime favorite is still the needle i bought years ago in roskilde http://www.d-a-d.dk/picture_dad.php?show=/uploads/d_archivefile/86_pictu...

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Posted: Sat, 2009-12-05 23:05

Does anyone have a proper editing program? 'coz I know where to find alot of diff. Molly, but I'd hate to edit them all in paint..

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Posted: Sun, 2009-12-06 00:11

Paint.net is a great free editing program. It's probably the best free alternative instead of Photoshop. You can download it at http://www.getpaint.net/download.html#download

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Posted: Sun, 2009-12-06 12:24

Just in case you've missed it, there's a text version of Molly through the years at this site. Look under band members > molly or check http://www.d-a-d.dk/dad/theband/molly

I agree pics are very much needed to improve the section.

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Posted: Sun, 2009-12-06 20:34

yeah, but that is already outdated, as it only sums up her looks till 2002. She's changed many times since then

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Posted: Sun, 2009-12-06 22:53

If you prefer a programme that is free as in Freedom and not just as in no-need-to-pay, there is The Gimp: http://www.gimp.org/

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Posted: Sun, 2009-12-06 23:17

Let's help eachother to recall all the diff. versions of Molly through the years, so it's easier to look for them.. Here's the ones I recall (will add photos/links soon)

Classic version
Moose version
w/pixie hat(?) (nissehue)
No Fuel version w/scarf
No Fuel - gas can (edgy)
w/Militaryhat (S.M.D.A. single)
w/Gasmask (S.M.D.A. 7" single)
w/Militaryhelmet (p.o.v. single)
w/Ironmask (p.o.v. single)
Fishbone version
w/ diving suit
D-A-D Indians (Hockey match)
Alien/Millennium (e.g. Simpatico)
Hindu version
Christiania/Hippie version
w/ (Soft) Dog Mask
(hidden in logo Soft Dogs?)
Wigwam (Indian) version
Scare Yourself/Modern version
w/ 1 broken horn
w/ 2 broken horns
(monster philosophy - on statues?)
(soulbenders + x-mas card 2006, handrawn version?)

Early - real cow skull
80's edgy w/ symbols
Plush/Fur (dog)
Classic (back to basic)
Royal w/crown
S.Y version w/o letter
S.Y version w/ letters (D-A-D)
Metal Look

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Posted: Mon, 2009-12-07 12:46


"Here's the ones I recall (will add photos/links soon)"

WOAW .. Speechless here...and deeply impressed .. What a memory guy !!!

My all time favourite :
D-A-D indians ... Smiley i LOVE IT

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Posted: Tue, 2009-12-08 12:29


yeah well "I did a lot of thinking, and this is what it's all about" Smiley-wink
(plus a quick research)

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Posted: Tue, 2009-12-08 21:00

@ GF

Great research!!Really impressive list !I insist !
... and I know now that some guys are able to " think "
(Don't hit me don't hit me ... my glasses are already broken Smiley
You definitely deserve a BAD CRAZINESS BEER Smiley-wink
More seriously thank you for the list you provide here !

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Posted: Wed, 2009-12-09 16:20

THAT I would gladly accept, as I haven't tasted it yet Smiley-sad
several has allready been uploaded and more will follow today (when editing is done).. there it's just the live one left. Does any one have a good photo of the one used LIVE at Rock 'n' Royal and perhaps the fury one from Soft Dogs (not sure if I got a good photo myself).. and perhaps of the old "real" ones and the one made of bike saddle and stear Smiley-wink
But please, join me in the search for Molly's..

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Posted: Wed, 2009-12-16 19:59

How awesome!
Great idea! Smiley-laugh

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Posted: Sun, 2010-01-10 16:55

hey folks.. need help here..

Does anyone have some good pics of the old 80's wooden skulls? I'm thinking of the one used in the s.m.d.a video and there is another one very simular but I think it was yellow instead of white(?) and the symbols on the skull were different.
Also good pics of the furry one and the one made out of a bike steer and sadle.. please send them to the webtender..

How do you think the section is going so far? Info's needed or..

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Posted: Sun, 2010-01-10 19:20

GF you have put a lot of great Mollys up there. But I must say I really like the quality of the one Levin put up. Very nice!

I have seen some Mollys I havnt seen i YEARS! Thanks to you guys.

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Posted: Mon, 2010-01-11 19:51

WIW, sorry I couldn't offer better quality, but I partly forgot your "main purpose" with the tread and got carried away Smiley-wink Also it's hard to find large scaled/HQ pics on the web (my collection doesn't contain that many versions of Molly).. But it would be if someone have the ability to improve the quality and/or size of some of the pics..