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(08:05:00) Azda:

Malmö concert with Sator sold out, one more chance: September 24, 2022 - check Live for details: https://www.d-a-d.com/tour (rightclick)

(08:05:00) Molly:


(11:28:59) Azda:

Tivoli Buckley, UK, Nov. 13th postponed, working on a new date.

(17:45:31) Azda:

a small part of the Riskin' It Live Baltic Tour T-shirt from 1992 added to the apparel archive: https://d-a-d.com/archive/apparel (rightclick) Thank you, Tommy!

(17:45:31) Molly:


(14:01:28) Azda:

Molly - moooh!

(14:01:28) Molly:


(11:53:31) Azda:

hello Molly, how are you?

(11:53:31) Molly:

Talking to me? Hello, mooh!

(11:53:31) Molly:

I'm fine, thanks. Mooooh!

(11:53:45) Azda:

good to know Smiley

(13:17:31) Azda:

https://youtu.be/_EcJt7qUyt4 - worth checking out! Smiley-laugh

(19:30:59) Azda:

Sweden Rock DAD-date 2022 is now confirmed: June 10th - https://www.d-a-d.com/tour

(19:30:59) Molly:


(19:31:27) Azda:

(rightclick link)

(20:16:47) Azda:

Angeliter Open Air, Taarstedt (DE) August 19, 2022. Tickets now available at https://www.metaltix.com/angeliter-open-air-tickets-5376.html#tour1256 (rightclick link if not working)

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(20:59:25) Azda:

Burning Star - cover by Milky Way Bullets: https://youtu.be/-0jFqPxaHrY (rightclick link)