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Posted: Tue, 2018-02-06 17:13

Hello fellow-NetPets,

So, Helpyourselfish has once again become available on vinyl.
(in case you've missed it: https://www.recordpusher.com/products/d-a-d-helpyourselfish)

As a collector I don't just want every album, I want every version/press of the album. But since all the record stores writes 2015 as its release date, I was wondering, if there is any difference between the "1st press" in 2015 and the, allegedly, "new press" that has just been made available this year 2018? And I mean ANY difference. Like: barcode, notes on the back, Matrix/Runout on center label, label codes, whatever that differs it from the 2015 print.

Maybe they are printed exactly the same, or maybe even at the exact same time...?

Any NetPets that can help me on this one? Do you own both copies and would you mind checking?

I bought the press in 2015, but I don't think the record stores will let me unseal up a new copy just to compare them.

Any official D-A-D staff that can answer this question? Azda, are you out there? Smiley

I hope someone can help me.

See you out there!

Rasmus TheEvilTwin

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Posted: Wed, 2018-02-07 18:36

Hi Rasmus,

I'm here :-) But I'm afraid I can't helpyou... - very far from being a collector myself. I hope someone else knows!