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True Believer: Frederikke Ravn

I think everyone has a very special moment with d-a-d in it. But in my case it is Roskilde Festival 2005.

True Believer: Mark Jensen-Skovgaard

The date is October 30, 2005. D-A-D play Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center with the new Magtens korridorer as warm up. I will attend the concert with one of my friends. He dragged me there, despite me insisting on that it wouldn't be anything for me. However he persuaded me. Half an hour before we would meet a big quarrel between me and my father broke out. I thought my father's drug addiction had come to dominate too much, but he didnt't think that a 14-year-old boy should interfere with that! I went away, slamming the door, and I don't think I have ever been that angry before!

True Believer: Gitte Berg Nielsen

I have been a DAD fan since the mid 80s. The music has always been very important for me. Some years ago I had a hard time in my life. I was deeply depressed for several months. DAD visited Odense on the first tour with Laust. My friend brought me to the concert. When they played Jacketless in December and the snow was falling from the ceiling, I had a strong feeling that this was the first time in many months that I was really happy and peaceful. This moment will always be remembered.
D-A-D rules!

True Believer: Allan Kristoffersen

My biggest D-A-D moment needs a little explanation.
A few years ago, D-A-D came to Arenaen in Århus DK to give concert. The concert was the one where D-A-D the same evening received an Honour achievement in Copenhagen.

True Believer: Louise Andersen

I was attending 5 grade in school and my older brother was a big fan of Disneyland After Dark. As you do in that age, I looked up to him so I began listening to the great rock band as well – and got a bolo tie to match Stig. For a year I listened to my classmates telling me “what is that you are listening to, you are strange, that is no good etc.” But I could not help my self, Disneyland After Dark was the band for me, but still it was very hard to listen to all the bullying from my classmates for more than a year.

True Believer: Anders Ulrik Sørensen - D-A-Ddy

My most magic D-A-D moment

My moment takes place in 2006 at Varde Open Air.
I had not yet had the pleasure of meeting anyone from the band, but that changed.

True Believer: Ronny Banerjee

It was back in October 2005 when we, my wife Bonnie and I, went to a D-A-D concert in KB-hallen.
My wife was pregnant and inside her tummy was our little unborn son at his first concert.
During the concert we agreed that his name should be Laust, because we knew he got it
So Laust Romeo was born on June 1st. 2006 and he loves to dance and sing and pretty soon he´ll be hitting some drums
That´s a magic D-A-D moment for every day

True Believer: Thomas Winandy

This story is short.

 My first son, where born 2 months before time (premature).

In the car, one my way home from the hospital, after the first week there. I heard this song on the  CD player “I’am a little cloud, coloured pink and gray …”

I was “marked” for life.

True Believer: BizzyMizzLizzy - aka Lis Nymand

How D-A-Ds songs helps me "surviving" my job ;-)

I work as a night watch in a hotel. Overall I am quite satisfied with my job - especially the contact with all the different types of guest that comes to stay here.

Of course working as a night watch has made "Sleeping my day away" one of my favourite songs ;-)

But lately I have had a hard time on my job, and then it feels good to be able to blow off steam – and the most perfect song for that is of course: "Jihad"! - The fact that the hotel is a Seaman's Mission Hotel makes it even better ;-)

True Believer: Anders Haahr

I’ve been a fan of D-A-D since I heard an interview with one of them in the radio in ’86 or ‘87. It was in Danish radio’s P4 and had a lot of ”Fly me to the moon”’s in it. At some point “Trucker” was played and I was sold. I recorded the song from the radio and began listening to it.

True Believer: Colin Betts

My name is Colin Betts. I have been a fan of D-A-D since 1990 when I first saw the video for Sleeping My Day Away. Through friends and some good luck, I have been able to keep up with their music and song, even receiving some very special Christmas cards along the way.

But it was not until a special show in Luxembourg on June 7, 2008 that I finally realized my dream of seeing the band live. From the opening of "Isn't that Wild", through the entire set, to after the show and meeting Stig, Jesper and Jacob. It was an amazing adventure in a terrific city.

True Believer: Janne Møller

My most magic D-A-D related moment was the time when D-A-D played at a local hawker's market?!

True Believer: Kenn L. Schjødt

I persuaded my wife to attend the "Grøn Koncert" in Næstved with me
this summer. We arrived late as we only came for D-A-D, even though we
had to endure most of Aqua, in our quest to get to the front. When
Aqua ended, most of the Aqua fans disappeared, and we got a place in
front row, in front of Stiggen.

It was a great koncert, but my most magic moment, was when my wife
actually caught one of the drumsticks Laust Sonne threw to the
audience and then gave it to me with a smile. got to love

True Believers: Jesper & Morten Lorenzen

The best D-A-D moment EVER !

My brother and I had our best D-A-D moment, when we back in 2002 made the first D-A-D convention ever.

We thought it could be great to make such an event, before a D-A-D show here in Odense.

During the day, at the convention it was possible to buy Official D-A-D merchandise, records, cd´s, posters, book´s etc, meet other fans and listen to great D-A-D music

And to top it all, all members of the band showed up for a signing session, so all True Believers could meet  D-A-D and get diff. stuff signed !

True Believer: Merete Bang Selsted

I had been looking forward to the great Wigwam Tour all summer, and most of all to listen to my favorite band D-A-D. But then during my vacation I accidently heard on the radio that the whole tour was off! The summer was ruined and I just looked sadly at my worthless ticket.

But luck found us afterall, my friend and I went to the making up concert at 10-øren at Amager. The atmosphere was great and I knew the day would end in a big bang - D-A-D closing the event.

True Believer: Jacob Rosenvinge

My best D-A-D related experince must be during the club tour in may 2005. We went to signing in Stereo Studio, came early enough to Musikcafeen to have dinner next to the band and after the amazing show in the tight atmosphere, Torleif signed the D-A-D skatebord and drew a large Helpyourselfish...

True Believer: Josefine Kristensen

My most magic moment with D-A-D, is my first live concert with them ever.
I felt in love with their music this summer, so i'm one of the new in the crowd of D-A-D fans, but definitely already one of their biggest!
26 th. of July and the 'Dirty Fairytale' was about to start.

True Believer: Kasper Gevaldig

It was Friday the 7th of February; winter 1992.