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Bad Craziness - Chris Aitken (vocal cover)

"Even all the background vocals are all me"

Thank you, Chris!

Burning Star - Milky Way Bullets

Milky Way Bullets are a rock band from Schleswig-Holstein.
Thanks to Jan for providing the link!

Point Of View - Francky Boy

Sleeping My Day Away - Brothers Moving

Evil Twin - The Nucleons Project

"this was made for fun ( but still with love) to kill time while recording an album. We're a french rock n roll band"

Thank you, Quentin!

Sleeping My Day Away - Jest Coverrock

Thanks to Rene for providing the link!

Sleeping My Day Away - Streetlight Circus (with guest John Nymann of Y&T)

Sleeping My Day Away - Mando Diao

From På spåret episode 9, on SVT (Sweden) January 31, 2020.

Sleeping My Day Away - How To Loot Brazil

Jihad - JEST CoverRock

Thanks to Rene for providing the link!

Ich scheiss am Friseur - Alkbottle

Very congenial (though the singer was said to be lacking the essential even back when this was recorded) cover version of... you'll easily realize... from Austria, in Viennese dialect!

Thanks to Peter for providing the link!

Sleeping My Day Away - Infinity

Cover by Norwegian eurodancers Infinity.