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(13:06:49) Headcrusher:


(22:50:00) Azda:


(22:50:12) Azda:


(22:52:03) Azda:

hm, that doesn't work, are you sure you posted your star tree in here?

(22:52:24) Azda:

I don't remember...

(22:52:39) Azda:


(13:35:42) Headcrusher:

No, I didn't. Smiley-laugh

(17:22:56) Azda:


(17:23:58) Azda:

Sleeping My Day Away, cover by How To Loot Brazil: https://youtu.be/GS3HPogUADM

(17:23:58) Molly:

I love that song - and to sleep my day away... Moooh!

(16:42:37) saftsch (guest):


(16:42:37) Molly:

Talking to me? Hello, mooh!

(16:43:07) saftsch (guest):

greetings from germania

(16:43:21) saftsch (guest):

luv dying is easy

(16:44:02) saftsch (guest):

anybody here?

(16:44:02) Molly:

I'm here, as always - moooh!

(16:44:15) saftsch (guest):

ola molly

(16:44:49) saftsch (guest):

jesper tour 2018 ?

(16:45:35) saftsch (guest):

very slow

(21:22:12) Azda:

if you're interested in Jesper's solo tour, you find the dates here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/DAD.JesperBinzer/events/?ref=page_internal